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Gasmotin powder for functional dyspepsia
Day : 2011-03-02

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- Convenient for patients with difficultytaking pills

Daewoong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (President Lee Jong Wook) has released its Gasmotin powder for functional dyspepsia (Ingredient: mosapride 5mg). The powder is being released in addition to the current pills. 

Gasmotin powder improves convenience for people who have difficulties taking pills. It also can be taken by dissolving it in water, thanks to the sweet taste of the mannitol ingredient. 

Gasmotin helps promote good compliance in elderly patients, who take it in pill or powdered form, with or without food. It has remained at No. 1 in the functional dyspepsia market since it was released in 2002 thanks to the effectiveness of its serotonin receptor restriction. Gasmotin is expected to soon achieve 50 billion won in sales. Gasmotin powder should be taken three times a day, 1 tablet each time. 

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