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Daewoong Bio gets approval for health functional food material ‘Korean angelica extraction compound’
Day : 2011-02-07

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- New material for improving memory of the aged

Daewoong Bio (President Lee Jong Wook) announced on the 31st that it had obtained approval from KFDA for ‘Korean angelica extraction compound (ESP102),’ a health functional food material. The compound consists of Korean angelica, fruit of Maximowiczia typical and houttuynia, and is known to have the effect of improving cognitive function and protecting nerve cells, as well as antioxidant effects.

In particular, the compound helps those who have mild cognitive impairment (MCI), low memory, and who are in between dementia and a normal state, playing a considerable role in delaying the progress to dementia.
In a clinical test of 81 elderly men and women with MCI that was carried out in major university hospitals, it was found that when patients took 800mg Korean angelica extraction compound for 12 weeks, significant differences in memory were shown in the ADAS cognitive index, which is used to assess Alzheimer level. It also had an excellent result in drug-fast and safety, as well as cognitive function and memory.

A spokesperson for Daewoon Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, which developed this compound, said "the effect of this compound is almost equivalent to that of current dementia remedial medicines, and additional research is expected to improve long-term cognitive function and aid in dementia prevention."

Daewoong Bio, which obtained the second health functional food approval with the Korean angelica extraction compound in addition to CoQ10, will continue to make efforts to develop health functional food. 


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