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Caretropin, liquid type growth hormone, obtains license from KFDA
Day : 2011-01-17

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- Also applied to ‘Pen injector,’ developed for the first time in Korea

Daewoong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (President Lee Jong Wook) has obtained a license for Caretropin, a liquid growth hormone product, from KFDA. Caretropin is a liquidized version of the current frozen powder type growth hormone. It is widely used for infants and adults that are lacking in growth hormone. It is also known for its effectiveness in treating children who have poor growth due to Noonan’s syndrome and Turner’s syndrome.

Daewoong Pharmaceutical also applied for item permission of the pen injector used to refill Caretropin. This is the first invention to be released in Korea by Daewoong Pharmaceutical. As soon as the permission is granted, Daewoong is going to release "Caretropin liquid pen injector."

This pen type hormone injector product can be used two or three times, and can accurately measure the amount. It is suitable for biomedicines like insulin that requirelong-term administration by self-injection. Frozen powder type growth hormones require a prescription process every time, making it is difficult to administer the correct amount for every dose.

A spokesperson for Daewoong Pharmaceutical said, "The products on the market today are all imported and expensive, but the Caretropine liquid pen injector provides the same effect at a low cost."
Meanwhile, Daewoong Pharmaceutical is seeking a partnership to co-promote its Caretropin liquid pen injector.


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