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1. Supplies nutrients and vitalizes skin: Multi Vita Fluid/Serum/Cream
2. Removes blemishes with whitening effect: C+ Laser White, C+ Vita Essence Toner, Whitening Serum
3. Supplies moisture and cleanses skin: Hydra Mist, Hydra B Serum/Cream
4. Skin correction: Magic Plus BB Cream

Low-abrasion, High-function Natural Cosmeceutical Brand

1. Multi Vita Fluid: Multi-care fluid toner and lotion combined into one for arranging skin and supplying nutrients to vitalize skin through the 12 different nano multivitamins of natural fruit cell ingredients

2. Multi Vita Serum: ‘3 Free’ low-abrasion care (alcohol-free, pigment-free, scent-free) with amino acid content that strengthens skin elasticity ideal for sensitive skin type

3. Multi Vita Cream: 12 different nano multivitamins and adenosine help to reduce wrinkles and improve skin elasticity

1. C+ Laser White: Strong and intensive whitening care through 10% vitamin C content. Long-lasting whitening effect through the patented water-free emulsifying system technology that allows deep penetration of vitamin C that is easily destroyed.

2. C+ Vita Essence in Toner: ‘Essence in Toner’ with 6 complex vitamin essence oil and effective whitening effect

3. Whitening Serum: Whitening cosmeceutical with coenzyme Q10 content for restoring skin vitality and the original skin tone

1. Hydra Mist: Deep sea water that helps to maintain moisture all day long for dry skin with skin soothing effect through multi-vitamin

2. Hydra B Serum & Cream: Vitamin B5 formula helps to maintain the skin moist and comfortable all day long while aloe vera leaf juice and green tea extract contents supplying nutrients to the skin for protection against external environment