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[Skin Effect of Easydew]
1) Repairing (regeneration): The main function of EGF is to promote the propagation and division of epidermal cell and accelerate the generation of new cells. Using EGF on damaged skin will quickly repair the skin as it will reinforce the generation and the function of skin tissue.

2) Moisturizing: Replenishing EGF will stimulate the macromolecular synthesis and secretion such as extracellular clear nitric acid, glycoprotein, etc. to increase the hydrophilicity of skin.

3) Wrinkle improvement: Replenishing EGF will rapidly generate new cells while shedding aged cells through keratinization. Significant increase in the total amount of cells will result in the regeneration of collagenous and elastic fibers that have been already severed and degenerated and the reinforcement of skin elasticity as well as the thinning/disappearing of wrinkles.

4) Whitening: Replenishing EGF will increase the percentage of new cells and suppress/decrease the generation of melanic pigment and tyrosinase in the skin, thereby thinning/removing melasma. Skin becomes dry and damaged after treatment and the skin layer becomes thin. Easydew, a cosmeceutical that contains EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) that is also referred to as “dream ingredient” for being highly effective and safe, maximizes satisfaction after treatment.

[Brand Story]
The development of Easydew began from a desperate request from a patient that was receiving diabetic foot treatment through Easyef dermal solution,
A plastic surgeon Jun-Pyo Hong, M.D. of ASAN Medical Center, who recognized the need and the effectiveness of EGF not only for treatment but also for continuous care and prevention, presented a cosmetic R&D proposal to Daewoong Pharmaceuticals.
The combination of his prescription care method for his patients and the biotechnological know-how of Daewoong have created Easydew. Mechanism
A cosmeceutical for preventing any post-treatment side effect while maximizing the treatment effect starting from the cells by using the skin restoration mechanism of the protein EGF that exists within the system.