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Janssen Korea – Daewoong Pharmaceutical sets up co-promotion agreement for Ultracet ER TAB"
Day : 2011-03-21

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- Slow-releasing drug type Ultracet, an original patented product

- Strategic sales utilizing the excellent infrastructure of both companies

Daewoong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (President Lee Jong Wook) has started selling ‘Ultracet ER TAB,’a blockbuster painkiller made by Janssen Korea (President, Kim Sang Jin). This painkiller has more than a moderate effect, providing excellent painkilling as a slow-releasing medicine. At the main office of Daewoong Pharmaceutical, Samsung-dong, Seoul, the two companies made a strategic alliance to sell "Ultracet ER TAB." 
At the signing ceremony, President Kim Sang Jin said "We expect to create synergy through theexcellent infrastructure of both companies." President Lee Jong Wook remarked that "The painkiller market has high potential, with continual of 10% growth per year. We hope to gain a strong foothold in the painkiller market with the introduction of Ultracet ER TAB."

Ultracet is a blockbuster painkiller consisting of acetaminophen and hydrochloric acid tramadol, and is effective for the treatment of acute and chronic pain. Jeon Sang Ho of Daewoong Pharmaceutical PM commented, "Ultracet ER Tab is a nonopioid painkiller with rapid and strong effects. Unlike NSAIDs, it apparently has low side effects even in long-term administration. It is the best drug for patients with strong pain, as it can overcome the shortcomings of Ultracet and control pain for 24 hours with only two administrations per day."

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