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Daewoong Pharmaceutical Advances to the Middle East with 17 billion won medicine export agreement
Day : 2011-03-14

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- Hormone products exported to Iran, Afghanistan and Iraq from 2012

Daewoong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (President Lee Jong Wook) attempts to advance into the Middle East with Growth Hormone Products

Daewoong Pharmaceutical announced that it has made a 3-year agreement with Omid Darou, an Iranian Health Care group, to export ‘Caretropine’ (liquid growth hormone product) for a sum equivalent to 17 billion won. While the product registration is in progress in Afghanistan, Tadjikistan and Iraq, the company is expected to export Caretropin and Leupia to other Middle Eastern countries, including. 

Caretropin is a medicine for infants and adults that lack sufficient growth hormone, and canbe administered with the pen injector designed by Daewoong. The pen injectorcan be used two or three times and can measure the accurate amount. Product registration is in progress to export to Egypt.

Leupia is excellent in the treatment of prostate cancer, breast cancer, sexual precocity, fibroid, and endometriosis, and has been exported to Vietnam and the Philippines since 2006. In particular, it has no anaphylactoid reactions (urticaria, RDS and edema) as it is made through a spray-dried method, the first of its kind in the world. The safety was intensified when the current ampoule type was changed to prefilled syringe.

Daewoong Phamaceutical explained that "as there are not many anticancer medicines in Iran, and this is the first leuprolide type, the export of Leupia is like the export of a new drug."

In addition, the company plans to accelerate its advance into the global market based on an R&D pipeline to the USA, China, South East Asia, South America, CIS and Russia. 

Spray-dried method: This is a technology to make spray-type drugs that was developed by Daewoong Life Science Research Center with Peptron, a bio venture company. The drug is released from the body slowly. Leupia is the first product to be patented using this method, which is highly recognized for its safety and lack of side effects,as it does not use Methylene Chloride.

Prefilled syringe: Solvent suitable for one injection is filled.

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