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Ursa’ a hepatic function medicine selected as global brand
Day : 2010-12-09

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- Daewoong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd received a global brand production company certificate by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy on the 7th.

- Endeavoring to use global R&D capacity to produce brand new medicines

Ursa, the top brand of Daewoong Pharmaceutical (President Lee Jong Wook) and a hepatic function medicine, was selected as a ‘2010 global brand’by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy. Ursa was the only product in pharmaceutical production that was assessedby the Ministry of Knowledge Economy and the Korea Productivity Center for its world market share and export performance. The Ministry of Knowledge Economy held an awards ceremony for 2010 global brand in the afternoon of the 7th at the Seoul Education and Culture Hall in Yangjae-dong, Seoul. About 200 guests, including Park Young Joon, the vice-minister of the Ministry of Knowledge Economy, Choi Dong Gyu, president of the Korea Productivity Center, and 68 corporate representatives, attended the event.

To be selected as a ‘2010 global brand,’ a brand must be in the top 5, hold over 5% in terms of the world market share, or have 5 million dollars annual export or 50 million dollars in world market size. Once selected, the product is givensupport for R&D and overseas market progress. 

Ursa took the 3rdin the world market share, as it exports about 16 million dollars worth annually to more than 10 countries, including Japan, China, and India. UCDA, Ursa’s core ingredient, was developed by the research institute of Daewoong. Choi Su Jin, director of the Pharmaceutical Research Institute, remarked "Our selection means that the R&D capacity of Daewoong has been recognized as reaching a global standard," and added, "we shall develop a global brand new product in connection with our network in India, China and the USA."

This award is highly meaningful, as recognition of the contribution Ursa has made to hepatic health for over half a century since its introduction in 1961. UCDA (Ursodeoxycholic acid), a major ingredient, plays the role of removing waste in the liver by cleansing the liver and by increasing the blood flow rate in the liver to promote metabolism. In addition, it cleanseswaste discharge routes in the liver and recovers damaged liver cells. There are many studies that show UCDA is excellent in the treatment of hyperlipidemia, fatty liver, cholesterol, cholelithiasis, colorectal cancer and stress.  

Kim Jin Young, Ursa PM, stressed that "all fatigue comes from the liver. So people with decreased liver function feel more fatigued, as waste and toxins are not being discharged. When the liver is healthy, we overcome fatigue. However, we do not care for our livers properly. We have to take care of the liver in our daily lives." Director Kim added, "We will do our best to develop the national health with Ursa."

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