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Completed 1st clinical test of the first neuropathic pain killer developed in Korea
Day : 2010-11-22

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- Restricts the activation of capsaicin receptor

– Joint development plan for global market with global companies 

Daewoong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd (President Lee Jong Wook) has successfully completed the 1st clinical test of ‘DWP05195,’ the first neuropathic painkillerdeveloped in Korea.

Currently, there is no specific remedy for neuropathic pain, and some global companies such as GSK or Astra Zeneka are in the process of developing related painkillers. Daewoong Pharmaceutical is preparing the 2ndclinical test for the first neuropathic painkiller developed in Korea, which will be held in the first half of next year.

This test was carried out at the clinic center in Seoul National University Hospital,with 120 participants. When safety, rehydrate and preliminary remedial effect were measured, the safety of the drug was confirmed to the maximum extent possible, and the possibility of oral administration once per day and painkilling was also confirmed. 

The success of this test is meaningful, as it confirms the possibility of a new medicine of DWP05195, and shows that Daewoong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd has secured an R&D capacity equal to that of the leading global companies. The neuropathic pain killer market has high potential, and is expected to reach 6 billion won in annual sales by 2018. However, the development of painkillers is very demanding, as it is related to the nerves. For this reason, some global pharmaceutical companies are developing painkillers.

Currently, capsaicin receptor activation restriction has been receiving attention, and this is the method utilized by DWP05195. Capsaicin creates the taste of a hot pepper, and is known as the ‘gate control of pain,’ since it makes one aware of pain in the body. When the receptor of capsaicin is restricted by a drug, though it maintains normal sense, it cuts off wrong pain signals only. DWP05195 showed more than 10 times the effectiveness compared with a similar ingredient in the animal model assessment, and more than 4 times the level of safety. The 1st clinical test was successful.

Specialists have highlighted DWP05195 as a global new medicine as it utilizes an attractive method, and there is an opportunity to address defects. Meanwhile, other global companies are in the 2nd stage in the clinical test. A spokesperson for Daewoong remarked that they are waiting for the clinical result of top 10 global companies so that the global market can be jointly pioneered. The 2nd clinical test of DWP05195 shall be held next year, and the drug will be released after 2013. 

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