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Daewoong received the ‘ACE CLUB’ designation as an employment-friendly enterprise
Day : 2009-05-18

- Leading to provide jobs to overcome the unemployment from the financial crisis

- Daewoong hired 210 people in 2009, and will recruit 600 new positions in the next 3 years.

Daewoong Pharmaceutical(CEO : Lee, Jong Wook) was designated as an ACE(Ace Company Employment) CLUB for an employment-friendly enterprise at the 5th ACE CLUB awards ceremony organized by the Seoul Regional Ministry of Labor on April 16.
ACE CLUB, which is accredited by Seoul Regional Ministry of Labor (CEO: Choi, Jun Seop), is an employment-friendly enterprise that hires more than 30 permanent workers annually, and hires more than 100 permanent workers for the 3 consecutive years.
The companies designated as ACE CLUB are: Daewoong, LG Telecom, Kyunghee Medical Center, Sambu Construction Co., Ltd, and Samsung C&T construction.
The ACE CLUB enterprises are provided following benefits: ▲ an exemption from the regular monitoring of labor, employment equality, maternity protection and workers training by Ministry of Labor ▲ recommendation for prizes and preference of business fulfillment by the Ministry of Labor ▲ employment agency services, employment briefing sessions, Cheonggyecheon job fair participation support, and ▲ various employment PR supports.
A  Daewoong recruiter said, “To resolve the unemployment problem for young people, we cut or froze the salaries of executives for the first time among pharmaceutical companies and participated in job sharing by hiring about 100 interns. However, to overcome the nationwide economic crisis, increasing the number of permanent workers is necessary. So, Daewoong is planning to create jobs continuously by hiring 600 permanent workers in next 3 years including the 210 permanent workers hired in 2009”

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