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Top Ranking for Daewoong Pharmaceutical in Terms of Production Volumes for Second Consecutive Year
Day : 2007-09-03

Top Ranking for Daewoong Pharmaceutical in Terms of Production Volumes for Second Consecutive Year

The company claimed first place in 2006, placing 11 drugs on the list of the top 100 drugs produced.


Daewoong Pharmaceutical Co. again ranked top among pharmaceutical companies in terms of production volumes in 2006, following the same result in 2005, putting its eleven products on the list of the top 100 pharmaceutical products produced in Korea. This list was released by the Korea Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association.

The eleven products include Olmetec Plus and Ursa 200mg Tab that hit the market in 2006 plus Gasmotin, Olmetec, Plunazol, Gliatilin and another five products which were placed on the top 100 list in 2005.

According to the release, Gasmotin sales production rose from 29 billion won in 2005 to 39.5 billion won in 2006, an increase of 36%. Most of the other products also boasted stable growth. The sales of Gliatilin shot up from 20.1 billion won to 31.6 billion won, an increase of 57%. Olmetec sales production increased from 17.9 billion won to 29.3 billion won, an increase of 63%. In particular, Olmetec Plus products posted 15 billion won in sales in the first year of release, making its way onto the 100 best selling drug list. All products on the Ursa line, Daewoong Pharmaceutical’s representative drug for liver recovery, including the over-the-counter Ursa 50 mg Tab and Ursa Complex Soft Cap and the prescription drugs Ursa 100mg Tab and Ursa 200mg Tab, posted more than 20% growth rates on average, putting their names on the top 100 drug list.

Also, according to the 2006 data released by the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service, Daewoong Pharmaceutical ranked first place in the prescription drug market, overtaking many multinational companies.

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