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Completion of the 1st Korea-Vietnam workshop for injury treatment
Day : 2007-04-12

Completion of the 1st Korea-Vietnam workshop for injury treatment
Vietnam, showed interest in Easyef, an injury and wound remedy of Daewoong Pharmaceutical


Vietnam experts on injury and wound treatment visited Korea to attend the first Korea-Vietnam workshop for injury treatment showing a big interest in the injury and wound remedy, Easyef. (Ingredient : EGF : growth factor of epithelial cell.)


The Vietnam delegation consisting of Dr.Vo Van Nho, vice-director of Choray Hospital, and Dr. Ho Dac Phuong, vice-director of endocrinology of Nguyen Tri Phuong Hospital, participated in The 1st Korea-Vietnam workshop which was held in Seoul for 6 days from the 27th March to 1st April 2007.


This workshop had a program of debate on the recent trend of injury and wound treatment and the present state of treatment of the two countries. It included debates on the efficacy of Easyef, by sighting skin burns and sugar-icing pod edema and the results of Easyef on patients.


Especially, professor Hong Jun Pyo, of Seoul Asan hospital, presented at the debate stating that EGF Easyef is well-grounded scientifically, as EGF is lacking in chronic injuries such as sugar-icing podedema. He added that Easyef shows substantial effects in the treatment of chronic ulcers, skin burns and stomatitis.


Vo Van Nho, vice-director of Choray Hospital, said that in Vietnam, the rising increase of patients with leg amputations due to sugar-icing podedema is becoming a social problem. He added that many Vietnamese experts in injury treatment are showing interest in the various injury treatment effects of Easyef, launched in Vietnam last year to treat injuries such as sugar-icing podedema and are expecting Daewoong Pharmaceutical to be a pioneer in the Vietnam injury treating field.


Additionally, Easyef, a product of Daewoong Pharmaceutical is a new medicine developed domestically using bio-engineering technology, and has since gained a license from Vietnam in 2006, after being exported to Jordan in 2005. It is now in preparation to be exported to China and Southeast Asia. This year, there will be a summary clinical trial in Vietnam, and plans to be exported to Asia, USA and Europe.

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