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Radiesse, gained FDA license in the treatment of wrinkles
Day : 2007-02-15

Radiesse, gained FDA license in the treatment of wrinkles
Lasting 18~24 months, and with improved stability


Filling inject able product, Radiesse (Main ingredients : calcium hydroxyapatite), obtained licenses for the treatment of facial wrinkles such as fortune wrinkles, and giving facial volume to such parts as lip atrophy. With this FDA approval, Radiesse proved its effect and safety in facial applications.


Radiesse, the first filling product made up of micro particles of calcium, gives volume to wrinkles and broken parts of the skin and promotes the new formation of collagen. It also has longer lasting effects of about 6~15 months than existing filling products and lasts about 2 years.


In the USA, after clinical trials were completed involving 117 patients with fortune wrinkles for 6 months, (the dose of Radiesse was about half of contrasting products) 82 % of patients showed improvement in their wrinkles and no serious side effects were recorded.


Now, Radiesse is sold by D&C ( a specialized marketing company of dermatological and plastic surgery) a subsidiary of Daewoong Pharmaceutical. To date it has treated thousands of women with urinary incontinence and wrinkles globally after gaining license from the FDA in 2003.

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