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Daewoong Pharmaceutical’s Superior Pharmacy gets interest also in Vietnam
Day : 2007-02-15

Daewoong Pharmaceutical’s Superior Pharmacy gets interest also in Vietnam

Completed symposium launching Albis Tabloid and anti-ulcer tablet in Vietnam that obtained a patent.


Daewoong Pharmaceutical held its anti ulcer tablet Albis Tabloid’s launching symposium in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, in Vietnam on the 18th and 20th January 2007. In attendance were 400 experts of the digestive system. At the symposium, there were presentations on the ‘treatment of ulcers in the stomach and duodenum’ and ‘superiority of the Albis Tabloid’.

At the symposium, Han Tran, vice director of Ho Chi Minh University, presented his project on the ‘Treatment of Ulcers in the Stomach and Duodenum’. He stated that recently there was an increase in complex prescriptions of tablets for anti-ulcer treatments, he also said that Albis raised the anti-ulcer effects with an ideal combination of Ranitine, Bismuth, and Sucralfate. He also added that especially, Albis  is superior in its stability and effect of each ingredient. These results were developed by a duplicated nucleus technique called ‘superior pharmaceutical one’ which has gained a patent from the Vietnamese government.

Generally, when taking three ingredients respectively, due to the adsorption of each component, they cannot be absorbed sufficiently to fulfill their optimum dose. But the Albis tablet is manufactured using a duplicated nucleus technique, with each ingredient proving efficacious to its maximum effect. It also helped to solve the inconvenience of taking Ranitine and Sucralfate in 2 hour intervals, so it has raised the convenience of taking this medicine.

In addition, Daewoong Pharmaceutical is already selling Ursa, tablets for liver recovery and Luphere, an anti-cancer tablet through its Vietnam branches. Daewoong is  also preparing to make inroads into the Vietnam market, gaining patents for easyef, a treatment for injury and wounds, which is the first new medicine to be produced totally in Korea.

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