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Daewoong Pharmaceutical Receives a Plaque of Thanks from the National Assembly for Manufacturing High-Quality Drugs
Day : 2005-11-08

Daewoong Pharmaceutical Receives a Plaque of Thanks from the National Assembly for Manufacturing High-Quality Drugs

The Health and Welfare Committee recognized Daewoong Pharmaceutical for its meritorious services for excellent drug supply through its advanced production system and strict quality control and was also impressed by its nature-friendly environment.

On the 8th of November, Daewoong Pharmaceutical received a plaque of thanks from the Health and Welfare Committee (Chairman: Lee Seok Hyeon) of the National Assembly.

This plaque of thanks is in recognition for Daewoong’s contribution to the promotion of national health by providing high quality drugs for the last 60 years and to the development of the Korean pharmaceutical industry. This was after twenty members of the National Assembly belonging to the Health and Welfare Committee visited Daewoong Pharmaceutical Hyangnam Factory and inspected it last October. After the inspection the committee members were impressed with Daewoong’s ▶ nature-friendly landscape architecture and hygienic working environment   ▶advanced production lines ▶ thorough and systematic QA system ▶unmanned automation warehouse securing storing quality ▶ welfare facilities for employees including fitness club and golf driving range.

The visitors on the day were confident in the fact that the factory is maintaining national health as a leading drug manufacturer in Korea by producing valuable drugs on a world-class level and a QA system that adheres to strict manufacturing principles.

They were especially impressed with the environment-friendly manufacturing conditions, the excellent factory environment and mentioned that employees could come and work cheerfully in such a first-rate factory environment.

They also said, “ Visiting and inspecting the factory firsthand verified that Daewoong Pharmaceutical is making thorough and systematic efforts to make first-class drugs. It also was a good chance to realize how important the stability and reliability of drug quality were to a drug manufacturing company.”

A current employee from the factory said, “We will be reborn as a world top drug manufacturing factory beyond our current level with a more rigid quality control system and employees’ cheerful operation of the factory.”

Since then, the factory has obtained international certifications for environment, health, and safety including KGMP and KGSP and is providing a park-like pleasant outdoor environment. It is applying QC standards on a cGMP level to manufacturing drugs for the first time in the Korean drug industry. As result its single factory is securing manufacturing competitiveness equivalent to that of many world-leading pharmaceutical companies.

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