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Daewoong Coenzyme Q10’, Won Jang Young-Shil Award
Day : 2005-09-24

Developed For The First Time In Korea And For The Second Time In The World
‘Daewoong Coenzyme Q10’, Won Jang Young-Shil Award 

Developed by advanced synthetic technology with high purity more than of 99% Equipped with advanced technology of high quality and stable production competitiveness
Export to 15 countries including the US and Japan, and expected to export KRW 40 billion this year

‘Daewoong Coenzyme Q10’ developed by Daewoong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.(president : Yun Jae Seung) for the first time in Korea, won ‘Jang Young-Shil Award’, the science and technology award as hosted by the Korea Industrial Technology Foundation and awarded by the Minister of Science and Technology. 

‘Daewoong Coenzyme Q10’ successfully developed by Dr. Choi Su Jin’s team in the result of research more than 18 months is an internal enzyme with strong oxidation-regulatory reaction, such that it is called next generation anti-oxidant. Specially, 99% at least of high purity as a result of development by advanced synthetic technology is its greatest advantage.

Since developed by Japanese Nishin for the first time in the world, ‘Daewoong Coenzyme Q10’ was developed for the first time in Korea 30 years thereafter. Now, Daewoong’s Coenzyme Q10 is recording 10% or more of market share showing sharp growth in one year after development, compared to existing Japanese company which was monopolized world market.

Daewoong Chemical actually producing 'Daewoong Coenzyme Q10', recorded KRW 10 billion of exports to the US, Europe and Japan in the first year of launching, and it is expected that it will record KRW 40 billion at least of exports over 15 countries in this year. Coenzyme Q10 is being solely produced by Daewoong Chemical.

Dr. Choi(Drug Synthesis Research Team), the initiative in developing Coenzyme Q10, expressed her opinion “Coenzyme Q10 being highlighted overseas as drug and health food has not been beneficial to many people owing to bad supply of goods from technical difficulty. However, as Daewoong succeeded in development for the first time in Korea and finished products have been developed one after another with export of raw materials equivalent to annually KRW 40 billion and commercialization of raw materials, it will contribute to national health,” and “I express my heartfelt thanks to the research staff who made every effort night and day during the period of development as well as the Company that continuously encouraged and supported us by regarding employees’ development with top priority.”

“Specially, because Daewoong Coenzyme Q10 developed by advanced synthesis technology, it has no impurities that are frequently found in Japanese raw materials less than 99% purity,” and “Daewoong Pharmaceutical will present new drug containing it from the latter half of this year”, she added.

On the other hand, Coenzyme Q10 next generation anti-oxidant, is being broadly used worldwide in the fields of prevention of life style disease and heart disease, recovery of fatigue, improvement of fatness and male sterility, and skin cosmetics by the actions of anti-aging and energy generation. In Japan, Coenzyme Q10 was selected as raw material of the most popular health food for the recent 2 years.

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