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Making High Quality Drug - “Differentiated Purchasing System!”
Day : 2005-09-21

Making High Quality Drug - “Differentiated Purchasing System!”

Daewoong Pharmaceutical manages the whole purchasing process under one-stop system.
Efficient, fair and transparent management, delivery of the supreme quality to the proper time

Daewoong Pharmaceutical Hyangnam Factory built the Supplier Relationship Management(SRM) system for the first time in the industry, and entered actual operation from Sep. 

Daewoong Pharmaceutical will proceed the whole purchasing process – selection of supplier, agreement, ordering, decision of due date, inventory management and post management – under one-stop system on the exclusive homepage( whenever purchasing any articles. Accordingly, the supreme quality of products can be rapidly supplied at proper price with the advantages of saving cost and time related with purchase and effective quality management.

Specially, under such a rapid and exact one-stop system, including selection of supplier, ordering and bill handling on the exclusive homepage, implemented mutual developmental partnership with excellent suppliers by securing business transparency and fairness and at the same time building the Win-Win relation with them. 

Yun Jae Chun, Director of Factory Control Center in the Production Division, who has general responsibility for introduction of SRM system said “We will implement advanced purchase infra such as SRM system and more strengthen relationship with suppliers in order to upgrade our purchase competitiveness,” and “Based on this differentiated purchase and supplier competitiveness, we will do our best to be ‘World Best Plant’ to be recognized both internally and externally.”

Daewoong Pharmaceutical has already completed roadmap for strategic purchasing through external consulting from the latter half of the previous year, and held a seminar for suppliers’ representatives and persons in charge about the Daewoong Pharmaceutical’s quality principle and purchase policy, and the background, objective and use of introduction of SRM system in June and Aug.

Daewoong Pharmaceutical can manage the whole purchasing process efficiently, fairly and transparently by implementing the robust production management information system to support the whole business process for the first time in domestic pharmaceutical industry, and produce and supply high quality drugs with the global level of production efficiency by improved purchase competitiveness through close relation with suppliers.

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