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New And Excellent ARB Hypertension Therapy “Olmetec Plus” Was Released
Day : 2005-03-25

New And Excellent ARB Hypertension Therapy “Olmetec Plus” Was Released 

Increased blood pressure reduction effect by 30% at least compared to Olmetec 
Complex therapy of Olmesartan and diuretic

Daewoong Pharmaceutical concluded introduction agreement with Japanese Sankyo on Olmetec Plus(principal ingredient: Olmesartan Medoxomil, hydrochlorothiazide), the complex therapy for hypertension adding diuretic to new drug ‘Olmetec’ for hypertension

'Olmetec Plus increased the blood pressure reduction effect by 30% at least by adding diuretic hydrochlorothiazide to Olmesartan, and removed inconvenience of separately taking hypertension therapy and diuretic.

Since hypertension results from several factors, taking one drug at least is common to properly control blood pressure. Olmetec Plus is complex therapy for hypertension, which is effective and convenient for patients requiring great reduction of blood pressure. At present, it is being sold as ‘Benicar HCT’ in the US(from Sep. 2003), and will be released in Germany in the first half of this year. In Korea, it will be released in the end of this year.

Lee Yeong Seok, Marketing Director of Daewoong Pharmaceutical said "Introduction of Olmetec Plus after release of Olmetec will make our competitiveness more solid in the field of circulatory system with our existing hypertension therapies," and "We plan about KRW 10 billion at least of sales for Olmetec Plus in 2 years."

Domestic ARB complex therapy market amounts to KRW 70 billion in total. Olmetec is featured by the most excellent effect of blood pressure reduction just by taking once daily among ARB therapies as ARB hypertension therapy that has been most recently developed.

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