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New Concept Anti-wrinkle Cosmetics Containing EGF Was Approved
Day : 2004-09-21

New Concept Anti-wrinkle Cosmetics Containing EGF Was Approved

To Be Released In The End Of Oct…Expecting Excellent Anti-aging And Skin Elasticity
On 16th, Daewoong Pharmaceutical announced that it obtained approval for anti-wrinkle cosmetics containing ‘EGF’, the domestic first biodrug, and would sell from the end of Oct.

EGF is a natural skin renewal substance remaining over saliva, sweat and blood in the body as bioactive protein that was first found by the US Dr. Cohen in 1986, awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine, and spotlighted worldwide. Besides, it promotes renewal of skin cell, playing excellent roles of removing wrinkles, keeping skin elasticity, and skin rejuvenation.

The EGF-containing cosmetics developed by Daewoong Pharmaceutical received very excellent evaluation of 90% or more for the items of anti-wrinkle effect and skin refatting and smoothing effect after clinical trial over 12 weeks.

Especially, it is expected that EGF will have excellent performance in promoting synthesis of collagen, an element of the skin tissue, to reduce wrinkle, preventing skin aging and maintaining skin elasticity.

Dr. Kim Yeon Tae, who has taken charge of clinical studies on EGF cosmetics, forecasted "As EGF in the body is sharply reduced from women of late twenties, EGF shall be supplied to prevent skin aging as people grow older, " and "We expect it will be popular in women of late twenties thanks to the excellent anti-wrinkle function."

Contrary to just the level of new technology development by other domestic pharmaceutical companies, Daewoong EGF is being recognized as successful case for diversified commercialization of drugs and cosmetics through continuous research and development.

Since commencement of EGF research with bioengineering technology in 1991, Daewoong Pharmaceutical, finished production technology in 1995, succeeded in commercializing EGF, the domestic first biodrug, in 2001, and now is selling ‘Easyef’, diabetic foot ulcer therapy.

In 2003, Daewoong Pharmaceutical acquired European patent on composition for external application to the skin, plans to acquire approval in the Middle East area in the end of this year, and now is promoting license agreement in the US, Europe and Japan to make inroads into these areas.

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