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Obtained Patent Related With Development Of Platelet Therapy
Day : 2004-08-24

Obtained Patent Related With Development Of Platelet Therapy

Daewoong acquired patent of raw material production technology for TPO, being recognized as one of big 3 new biodrugs, for the first time in Korea

On 23th, Daewoong Co., Ltd.(representative director: Jeong Nan Yeong), the holding company of Daewoong Pharmaceutical, obtained patent with respect to ‘How to purify sialic-acid-rich human thrombopoietin(TPO)’ as necessary for developing drug for thrombocytopenia arising out of anti-cancer therapy for the first time in Korea. This patent is concerned in production method of TPO with excellent purity and activity.

Daewoong has consolidated the corporate value of new TPO derivatives(DWP40458) by obtaining the raw material production technology of TOP developed for the first time in Korea and protecting the patent right of Daewoong in addition to product patent in the patent war of TPO.

TPO is very important substance in medical aspect as an alternative to platelet transfusion and treatment of thrombocytopenia – specially, thrombocytopenia from chemical therapy and radiation therapy for cancer patients.

Especially, TPO may prevent virus infection including AIDS without need for blood transfusion. There is keen competition in the development of TPO among advanced bioengineering companies as it is being recognized as one of big 3 biodrugs with EPO and G-CSF.

Daewoong expects that the scale of related business using this patent will be equivalent to KRW 100 billion or more on an annual basis like development of drug for thrombocytopenia after anti-cancer therapy.

Daewoong derived new TPO derivatives with better activity and stability than existing natural TPO through protein engineering in 1999 and registered the patent in Korea and China, and the patent is being reviewed in 7 countries including the US. The safety and efficacy of new TPO derivatives(DWP40458) were validated for animals in Korea, and technical export to overseas partners or joint development with them is being promoted next year, when pre-clinical trial will be ended overseas.

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